One of the crazy things in this industry which I actually like, are the rare jobs which come in urgently and need to be pitched, budgeted, approved and filmed within 7 days! This happened with DGT. DGT is basically the state road authority in Spain, and every now and then they produce PSA films which are either shocking, straight in your face accidents, or don’t drink and drive advice, wear your seatbelts etc type commercials. This time though, they wanted to show less death since we’ve seen enough of that for the last year, and simply remind us to be careful and not be idiots again!

This has been the first job ZEITGEIST has filmed! Our first one and the collaboration was with La Joya, a Madrid based prod co, Maripaz Lara and Guillermo Arce the EP’s on the job (who did an excellent job too), and of course the great Luciano Firmo from ZEIGEIST.

The creative was ℅ Ogilvy Madrid, José Izaguirre and Nico Gómez leading the creative. They had a hard time as ideas were going back and forth right up to the shoot day, the creative was constantly changing, but we made it through together. It’s been a great collaborative job with them and a luxury to work with good creative minds who put their faith 100% in you.

It really was challenging to get this prepped and shot in a week. Street permits alone were basically pot luck. We shot where we were allowed to and that was that, no scouting needed since the local council allocated a handful of locations where they would let us shoot without blockage. Thanks to great production from La Joya and the skilled Lucas Adamson, we pulled it off somehow!

First time I worked with an amazing DOP, Octavio Arias. Truly a fantastic experience and a very talented guy, apart from being one of the nicest people nicest people I’ve met in a long time!

two shooting days and 13 scenes, the challenge was effortlessly handled by everyone, we had really bad weather, rain, on the first day. But apart from this, the shoot was very smooth and fun too.

Anyway, given the amount we had to film in two days, it didn’t really give me much time to take as many stills as I usually would. Here’s the DC version, different music though.