During the pandemic, it’s a luxury to still be able to travel the world, work with different people on different jobs, and film interesting boards. This one took me to LA, a city I love and always leave even more attached to it.

Scouting is fun, possible locations previously seen in pictures, need to be visited in person. we scouted loads of locations, in particular around Palmdale.

LA was a little sad, seeing so many stores and restaurants, museums etc all closed and boarded up, felt a little apocalyptic.

Anyway, the job was for GENESIS Korea. Produced by Markenfilm Asia, In-Ah Lee as EP, and Leon Park, producer. In-Ah was able to come to LA but the rest of the Korean crew had to stay in Seoul because of quarantine rules. It’s been a weird year, filming in these conditions because it’s true that the whole filming process is a team effort. Because of restrictions, we don’t meet anymore in groups, or travel to locations in a people mover. It’s surprising how much the creative process is reduced, even filming is restricting because of social distancing.

The script changed constantly as we prepped the job. But I was fortunate to be able to scout three houses that I’ve always wanted to shoot at, the Sheats-Goldstein Residence for example, John Lautner masterpiece, the house from A single man, also Lautner. And finally, the Stahl house overlooking LA.

Below you can see a bunch of different moments from the shoot. A huge thanks to Paul Meyers DOP, who I’ve been wanting to work with for some time now, did a fantastic job and of course the rest of the crew for their great enthusiasm and commitment as always!

Here are some random pics from the shoot.

here’s the DC spot with DC music too.