There are jobs which are better than others. Not all the work directors do, is ‘reel’ worthy. We seem to get misled into the falseness that everything we do has to be great, unique, amazing storytelling. But that’s not true. This, as any other creative work, is also a job like all others. yes its amazing, and it takes you around the world, but it is a job with responsibility to fulfill another persons concept, imagination and idea. We tend to forget this at times. It is therefore, really special when the creative team and client put their faith in you and trust that their vision is made into reality by the director. This was one such job, a lot was on the line and I think that we nailed it. Besides the usual weather problems, it was a great job and a first shooting in Hamburg.

The Q4 spot showcases the new design etc and as a metaphor, uses the parallelism of innovation and determination to be the best at what you do. We compare Malaika’s dedication as an athlete, to the innovative performance of the E tron.

I have to say that she was 100% proactive for the film looking its best and gave her maximum performance in each shot. It’s not easy for athletes to be in front of camera but she made it look seamless and did a brilliant job.

The creative idea came from the guys at Thjnk, Hamburg. Roman Lakowski creative head, and Daniel Gassner being the main guys I worked with, really focused on getting the best possible footage in the short space of time we had. It was a pleasure and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

On the client side, Maren, Alexander and Susanne all made the job a pleasure to film, understanding the pressures but expecting the best of course!

The production was taken care by REKORDER from Berlin, produced by Steffen Leiser, EP was Falk Prahl. both did a fantastic job in getting everything needed within budget restrictions and time! we had very little time to prep and produce the job with the additional handicap of filming in hamburg which isn’t really a film friendly city to shoot in! but everyone did a great job and as always, we made a fantastic spot.

Many thanks go to the usual suspects, Gregor Budde 1st AD, and of course a huge thanks to Franz Lustig DOP, who once again was great to work with.

FYI, you can click on all the pics and download them if you like.

Here is the DC version.