Right decisions lead to good consequences, such as getting back the balance, and when something is good and good for everyone, it’s contagious and it’ll inspire a chain reaction, both ethical and self-rewarding.

This is the thinking behind this original and abstract campaign I just did, surprising and fun to shoot even though it was extremely challenging! It’s about being sustainable, and joins a sustainable movement that will become necessary and worldwide. A great message but crazy timing for a job like this one!

There are no pics of the SUV because it was under secrecy when we filmed the job….It’s very cool, had to film the driving scene at the Universal backlot so that no one could take pics. Here are a couple of stills from the shoot.


This is definitely the quickest job I’ve done. We were told that we had no time for any post production, 4 days to be exact. Come up with a brilliant idea that needs to be shot all in camera….. sounds easy but its not. But, we really did work together as a team. The client AUDI, agency, PUK and FOXDEVIL, all worked as one to make it all happen. Problems were solved as we filmed, everyone understood the challenges we faced as there hadn’t been much prep time either to do tests etc.

We built a bunch of different types of rigs, fixed ones, wire ones and self propelling ones! Very uncomfortable for the actors who endured long periods of time at a 45º angle. But the payoff worked really well, creating this optical illusion that indeed, everyone is tilted.

But it was the cool idea from PUK in Hamburg, that started it all! Jan and Jessica were the creatives to come up with the idea, Christian produced it. Big thanks goes out to them. On the clients side, Vanessa was fantastic.

On my side, huge thanks to Nadine Thoma and Glenn Bernstein from FOXDEVIL, who made everything possible, suffering I’m sure along the way! And of course Franz Lustig, amazing DOP who once again, did an amazing job.


I love shooting in LA. simple as that. Great crew, 1st AD Andrew Ward, Production designer Dylan Kahn and his team, were all brilliant.


Had the day off, went to Joshua Tree, magical place…..

Here’s the spot, very happy with this one!

By the way, I love the music. The agency came up with using A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION, , but giving it a twist. We found NEBBRA……The cover’s fantastic.

Its really infectious!