Just finished this one, OPEL Grandland, for the European market. Every now and then, a little gem pops up which I find irresistible, this is one of them.

A simple story of choosing the right name. Those of us who have had children, know this precarious moment in life can be a nightmare!

I also love the ticking clock element in the plot which instantly creates tension with humour and positivity in a very natural way. The fact that our characters need to find a name against the obvious deadline makes the action as compelling as it can be, and the ending with the twist that tells you that you do not need to choose, that you can have both, is instantly witty and very charming. It leaves you with a big smile in the face. I like that.

We filmed it in Vienna, lovely city although not much luck with the weather!

The job was produced by Markenfilm, Lorenz Markus. A real pleasure working with new producers and crew, Markus did a fantastic job. Client was very easy to work with too, understanding and the creative team, VELOCITY McCANN was amazing, got to say it, specially Paul! All working together to get the best possible result. Thanks to Johannes, Lorenz and all involved, was a fun job.

Joanne and Glenn were the cast we chose from the UK. These two were real professionals, truly easy to work with, very engaged with the idea and they brought a lot to the table.

Anyway, here’s the DC edit.