Pulse films had the great idea to make 30″ films about the quarantine lockdown based on a letter of the alphabet. I got D.

No script, whatever we wanted to film. This caught me in a little moment of being really pissed off with the whole situation, frustrated and gloomy as the weather was awful too. It’s been an eyeopener for me being locked up for two months, I really didn’t like it at all but I have managed to chill, a lot!

It’s terrible that so many people have died, people are scared and it’s an awful affair.

The first couple of weeks were interesting, you get to do things you normally don’t have time for, reading, precious time with the family, loads of time to think, but the reality is that we’re stripped of our freedom to do anything we want to, whenever we want to, and thats not cool at all.

As a sort of ground hog day, its been surreal how the daily routine gets repeated day by day, for over 50 days!

Anyway, here is what I managed to get done. Huge thanks to my beautiful Alex, my boys Gus and Adrian, and of course Chewi and Sola

And here is the link to the PULSE’s INSTAGRAM account where you can watch them all.