witches on set


Literally means… “who knows what”…  It’s a famous song by a Spanish singer, Raphael. He’s as famous as Julio Iglesias, you can see his version of the song at the end of this post.

The key part of the spot, to introduce the viewer into the content that Vodafone will offer on their TV network.

Who knows about my desires… my lovers… my passion… my dreams and my nightmares….

To work around a song was like making a music video, with the hassle of the local talent not speaking even less, understanding what they had to lip sync!

The song grows and it’s very passionate, its also very Spanish.


Always wanted to shoot a zombie scene! I finally get to do it and I can tell you its not easy!


Loved shooting in Budapest fantastic crew totally commited to the job.

Light in woods is magical. What is it about the woods! truly magical.


Passion is what makes this job exciting. You can tell when a shot has been filmed with passion or without. I try to make the passion exude in each job I do and in particular this one where all the crew involved were really passionate about what was at hand.


keep on dreaming and the world will be your playground. It is.


When you are in the middle of a shot and the cell phone rings! or the kid gets camera shy, the animal won’t stop on its mark, it rains, its cloudy when it shouldn’t be, a million things can go wrong but we always make it work.

So, here is the final spot produced in 2 weeks which is amazing in this industry.

… and here is the one and only RAPHAEL singing the original version.