Delightfully simple and funny, the style of visual storytelling just felt like a breath of fresh air.

The cheeky ‘misdirect’ enabled us to have fun with how we convey Camry as one good-looking car. To make the most of that, I built in a couple more story beats that dialed up the charm and humor of the vanity moment, is it the guy or the car?

This car has a soul!

This was a classic comic storytelling. First we set the viewer up to think one thing… and then we pull the rug. For sure it’s a little silly giving an object or machine human traits…but it has genuine tongue in cheek charm that I think will be very memorable, it was a tough deal to shoot in just one day but we did it, thanks to DOP Eric Steelberg, excellent guy. Of course all this was pulled together by Carr Donald, brilliant producer.


Down town L.A was perfect to find an architecturally gorgeous (but anonymous) building, actually it’s the Los Angeles Centre Studios, where Mad Men was filmed amongst many many others. A location that made the Camry look stunning parked in front of it.

I can’t show photos of it until I post the ad but meanwhile, check out what caught my eye.


It was great to shoot with Biscuit….as always!


We used a little bit of humor and great story telling!

I love comedy and visual challenges also excite me so I am very thankful for the excellent creative and for thinking of me to help execute it.