By the way, that garden above really is real! I think it was at the park and recreations office in Vancouver.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be able to shoot this great spot in Vancouver, Canada. I’d never been there and ┬áheard that its an incredible city to shoot in, partly because of the great crews there and also for the locations. All my expectations were fulfilled, quite an experience. It really is what you expect.

This was a really cool script, the hardships of everyday simple office life represented through this mix of surreal moments. It was a direct yes from me when I got the script and my first job at Biscuit!

Why Canada? Locations are really similar to the US and in part because talent is cheeper there too, so it makes sense when the budget isn’t great.

The crew were fantastic and the Agency guys, James, Alper and Mai from Twofifteen McCann were brilliant to work with, the chemistry was perfect and I think we shot good footage and the result can be watched below.