This is a story about a guy, who; bored with his daily routine, discovers the freedom a car can give, go anywhere and follow your dreams…..actually it’s just a great excuse to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants! And that’s exactly what we did.


We shot in Scotland, which by the way, was a brilliant experience. It really is a beautiful place and has that remote magic that I was hoping for, its not often you get the chance to shoot a car commercial in the rain. It really helps tell the story. We shot at a remote location on the Isle of Skye (James Bond sets, when he goes back to his childhood roots in Spectre I think). A pain in the ass to get there but well worth it. Really helpful locals and the worst weather possible, just great! I mean it literally rains vertically every 20 minutes!



Can’t thank Uli – Exec producer, and Timm Producer, enough for being great at making sure the idea, the true spirit of the treatment was completed. Its always a challenge to get it all in there, in front of camera, but they made it happen and I appreciate it, wasn’t easy. Big thanks as always to Ottar!



Can’t thank Michael Piccirilli enough….what a great actor to work with, always willing and trying to take it a little further each take. Lovely guy too!

These our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and are melted into air, into thin air….

It’s an excerpt from The Tempest. I found this whilst thinking of an appropriate VO for the spot. Although the original lines were meant to reflect that comedy has no place in a drama such as the Tempest, I thought it reflects the attitude of our hero and represents the need for freedom, to disappear perhaps….

I have to say too, the Stinger is a pretty cool car…..pleasantly surprised when I took it for a spin.

Then, next stop, Slovenia and Croatia. Again, fantastic experience with a committed crew that went overboard to give us the best possible locations and service, the guys at Comrad film did the service for us, highly recommended. Marko, Miha and Mitja did an exceptional job in the middle of August. Its difficult to shoot anywhere in August but even worse if you have to shoot on the coast.


Shooting in Valencia was, to say the very least, an unpleasant experience! the Tomatina is a senseless festival in a small town called Buñol, where the 20 thousand or so crowd throw tomatoes at each other for one hour….why? no idea. The place was full of foreigners, mostly asians and a load of Indians. Apparently there was a famous movie shot here and so they come to relive the film. Beats me why anyone wants to be literally stoned to death with tomatoes, that aren’t all soft!

And finally we shot some more scenes in Berlin. love this city.


Anyway, fun job to work on.

And here it is.