It’s all about the feeling of being totally relaxed when you buy and drive an Audi. The point was to make sure that the guys on top of the cars felt and looked relaxed. We achieved this by casting talent that had experience with stunts and special fx. For example, the milk shake girl is Money Penny’s stunt double in the James Bond movies, so she was very easy with the whole stunt.

Anyway, here are some stills form the shoot, this one was a real treat!

Waiting for the sun to disappear.
Waiting for the sun to disappear.


Its actually an incredible process. You see, what an editor brings to the table is normally very unexpected, and Alex Jurkat does just that. Consider the fact that they’re normally not privee to your vision which in turn is fantastic because an editor only understands the footage he or she see’s for the first time once you’ve finished shooting.

16/9 and ANAMORPHIC.

Here are some stills from the footage, I love the anamorphic lenses. We don’t often get the chance to film with anamorphic because the TV aspect ratio is 16/9 and if you film anamorphic you end up with this letterboxing image. Its fantastic because the film quality is more organic, more filmic than the digital images we’re used to these days. Everything in the movies is so picture perfect these days that we forget how beautiful analog film was before.

TEA, BOOKS, FISH….(no live fish actually), whatever feels relaxed is good. But one thing (amongst others) that is important on a film set, is that the team is also relaxed and in harmony. If you can achieve this then the shoot is an easy cruise…….


We cast a bunch of guys in London to pull off the stunts. I mean they weren’t really complicated ones but once you get the special FX guys and the stunt giys on board, you become aware of the ‘dangers’ involved. When you film the guys all ontop of the cars it all looks so easy that you forget of the dangers involved in filming the kind of stnts. anything could happen unexpectedly. Thankfully it was perfectly produced and all was perfectly smooth.


Ed, the guy below, won numerous gold medals in gymnastics and Britain’s got Talent! Lovely guy.

The other cast members were vey professional and it was a real pleasure working with them all.


Vera Portz, Uli Ulbrich and Franz Lustig all made this job easy for me. They all covered my back and made sure it was all getting ‘done’. Franz is an amazing DOP, apart from being a spiritual guy he’s also a fantastic Director of photography, a pleasure to work with.


L’EQUIPE VERTE….We shot this in Ciudad Real. Its just south of Madrid. One of the many useless airports they built in Spain during the very corrupt last ten years. Its up for sale now if you want to buy it.



Here are more stills from the shoot. Its always great to see how a spot was made.