Taking an emotive hike to the top of a mountain in the middle of the Andes is quite an experience! I’ve always realized how lucky I am to be doing this job. I mean really, I get to travel the world and see things and places that most people never would. I’m so thankful for this incredible thing called directing, the people I meet and work with, from all walks of life. Places on earth that most see on TV. Thanks to you all for making this job as amazing as it is. Serial Pictures and the local service co, Goodgate.

Here’s the latest one, a fabulous shoot in the Andes for the Whiskey, TINCUP

The true protagonists, from left to right, Isaac Johnston, Max Lowe, Renan Ozturk, Shayd Johnson, Sam Elias, Nathaniel Atakora. It was a pleasure meeting and woking with these true explorers, mountaineers and lovers of life!

To director scout, we had to fly up by helicopter above 14.000ft, inaccesible by SUV. I’ve shot at high altitude before, but the thin air gets me all the time, added to the fact that we got into the helicopter in Santiago which is just 1.500 ft above sea level, to fly up that high in 30 minutes was interesting the first day! Got off the helicopter and collapsed for 5 minutes!!

The idea was from and an agency in NY, DEAD AS WE KNOW IT. Lovely guys to work with, which makes the job even more entertaining. Huge thanks to Mikal Reich and Jesse Adelman, the creatives on this, who trusted me to deliver their vision. Agencies like this make my job really easy sometimes, getting the best results out of the talent and crew.

Mikal, perfect light!

Mikal again.
Jesse Adelman

Also cant forget the clients! Very intuitive and also a big thanks trusting me with their brand, Justin and Olivia.

Out of focus but its the only c/u photograph I have with Renan, a legend in mountaineering. Done MT Everest 4 times and is about to climb it again in a couple of weeks.
Sam Elias, one of the protagonists in the spot.
Nathaniel Atakora.

Khalid Mohtaseb, very talented DOP.


Amazing sunset with double layered clouds.
Same valley, different moment, different colours.

Thanks to all involved, was fun!