the infamous cut off highway

There are some better jobs than others and this was one of them. I really had a good time making this one!

Thanks to the guys at Papaya films in Warsaw, in particular Tomek Skrodzki, we were off to Cape town for the first job of the year down there. It was’nt hot.

The creatives, clients, the production company and the crew, were all brilliant and made the job a nice one!

The Corolla looks great too!

Dawn is at 4AM in Cape Town!

The idea was from the guys at THE & PARTNERSHIP in Warsaw, Kuba Zielecki and Max Olech. The UK team also came, André Moreira and James Miller. 

We had various clients, from Brussels Veronika Chufistova, always smiling! 

What can I say, first time working with Ekkehart Pollack……amazing talent and a real gentleman, making the job so much easier. The usual motley local crew! Thanks to Earl Redcliffe, producer at McKenzie Rudolphe. 

Below just some random Cape Town pics from the shoot and locations.

Here’s the finished spot. Please note that the music is my DC version only.