Christmas is back and I shot this lovely story of a kids magical belief that he’s going to catch Santa this time. He doesn’t.

We shot this in Tallin, Estonia and it started snowing a couple of days before filming, which was really fortunate since the story needed full on snow FX.

THJNK was the agency, creative work done by Anne Petri who was a pleasure to work with, agency producer was Thomas Nabbefeld, and accounts who came to the shoot, Dominique Kruse. We were all on the same page, aware that filming a spot like this in one day with such a young kid can be challenging. The little boy was fantastic and really did a good job.

Markenfilm was amazing as always, EP Cornelius Rönz did his magic and Sandra Garsztecki produced with dexterity. Its great to have producers like them who are a directors team, striving to get the best out of the budget, her team with Lydia Sastedt nailed it throughout. DOP was Mart Ratassepp, fantastic to work with.

Local production service was by MUNCHAUSEN in Tallin. Great crew and also willing to find more and better locations until the last minute, came up with a fantastic location which was exactly what we were looking for.

I don’t have many pics because it was a one day shoot which was crazy fast! but there are a couple!

Here’s the Christmas spot, I think it came out nicely.