I love filming in India. I just had a fantastic shoot with RANSOM FILMS for Renault, in different cities across India, 12 flights in 4 weeks. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Crazy times and very unpredictable for permits because of Covid etc etc, but just fantastic support from everyone at RANSOM always getting the job done. Production value and the quality of filming there has improved considerably and being with the right company makes all the difference.

Travelled everywhere to get the feeling of a large city for the KWID, and for the KIGER, which was meant to feel more like anywhere in India. The agency was PUBLICIS CONSEIL PARIS, and even though the spots are for India, the creative came out of Paris, led by Cecilia Astengo, with the support from Bastien Wojciechowski, and produced by Timothé Rosenberg . It was a real pleasure working with them, I think that together we made two great spots.

As I mentioned above, filming in India is not easy, even less so a car commercial. The roads are terrible, people and traffic control is hard. But all this was made easier thanks to Sia Bhuyan’s producing, she made the shoot seem effortless. Suhana Sharma and Salil Khurana, both EP’s and RANSOM owners, oversaw the shoot brilliantly, I really felt the support needed on such a complicated job. Paarth Joshi, fantastic 1st AD, and all the crew, a huge thanks.

DP was the ever fantastic Roman Martinez de Bujo, excellent and one of the nicest people out there! His crew were great, Gaffer was Kamlesh Sadrani and Key Grip, Ninad Nayampally.

So we shot these films in loads of different cities across India, reson being that you cant really shoot in most streets because its impossible to find roads that havent been used loads of times by all the car brands.

Here are a bunch of random pics from the shoot, the travels and peculiar moments.

Here are a bunch of random pics from the shoot, the travels and peculiar moments.

And the two DC edits.