So, I’ve done two jobs in June under the strict rules of COVID – 19. Its a pain in the ass, but very glad to be filming again after the weird last months!

First thing you see are empty highways….

Filming is harder, the social distancing is ok to deal with, if you’re shooting a car job, the problems are permits to remove parked cars, block streets, catering etc etc. Basically both in Madrid and Barcelona, the film commissions give you the permits but that’s about it really.

Did this one for Audi Spain, DDB Spain.

Eva, producer, in the two per row van.

When shooting cars you need empty street corners, long stretches of empty streets and its not easy. In Madrid you’re restricted to a couple of streets that have no parked cars and in Barcelona its a little harder still.

We shot Audi in Girona, Manresa and one location in Barcelona. Because of the ‘phases’ of the de escalation, the other cities were more flexible than Barcelona. In Madrid it was the same story, shoot where you want but no blocking streets.

Worked once again with Paco Femenía after a short break of about 17 years!! Amazing and a pleasure to work with him again.

Anyway, I didn’t take too many pics this time, for some reason seeing everyone masked up wasn’t very inspiring.