Espacio SOLO

Yesterday I was invited to visit an amazing collection of contemporary art which, as they say, is “housed” at Espacio SOLO. Its basically the private museum of two collectors, Ana Gerv├ís and David Cantolla. Pretty amazing pieces by famous contemporary artists from around the world and not so famous but with incredible talent.

Below is a triptic inspired by Bosch, The Garden of delights, by a duo called COOL 3D WORLD, very interesting.

My favorite artist from the collection is a Taiwan artist, Mu Pan. Pretty amazing detail and craft. HIs imagery is striking, aggressive but beautiful to look at. Very intricate painting inspired by Manga.

battle without honor and humanity
The garden of earthly delights

He was also commissioned to paint his personal interpretation of the Bosch painting.

Who else……

Mario Klingemann………amazing AI piece. Memories of passersby.

The two paintings are mirror images of a man and a woman, created by the AI and will never repeat an image, ever, and are constantly being reinvented into different faces……..ingenious.

Anyway, if you’re in Madrid and have some time, believe me its well worth going there. You have to call ahead and book because its not a public museum, just ask the hotel to call for you, its inspiring.

Ive got a whole bunch more of pics but for some reason I cant post them….next time.