This was a great job to work on. A simple idea with a great team, both David & Goliath, and film crew. It’s about a guy who flips a coin and two other ‘hims’ appear, the triple effect. Triple chances to win the California Lottery.

Our ‘triple’ hero was Josh Rodriguez, lovely chap and very easy to work with given that his dancing discipline helped to get each take very quickly given the short two days we had to film this.


This spot makes the most of that feeling, as well as the three chances to win on the new Triple Jackpot Scratchers, by dividing our player into three versions of himself, each with his own opportunity at victory. So, a challenge to get this done in two days with Motion control, which I really can’t stand when you don’t have the time to play around. Motion control is a great technical device but it does really slow a shoot down, its a very slow and cumbersome robot. but a necessity on a job like this one.

Just have a random set of stills of the job, hope you like them.

The location was Pomona which I must say, was a great idea. Very film friendly.




Anyway, as I said, great creative team although terrible to photograph! you’ll notice that they apparently have an ‘eyes wide open’ allergy…. good guys and would work with them again in a heartbeat.



Juliet Diamond, producer David & Goliath
The great Fatima Robinson, choreographer.


Joaquin Grey, production designer and Franck Chevalier,


Great job, great fun. Here it is.