LA is unbelievably prepared for any kind of shoot. It’s just the right place to film a true american story. We had to create scenes where a mother has to deal with the hurdles of everyday life in a slightly chaotic house and with all the product involved it just made sense to shoot in LA, perfect weather and excellent cast make it the right choice.


It goes without saying that when you have the perfect crew the job just gets so much easier. I was fortunate enough to have James Graves as my producer, brilliant bloke and always pushing the envelope to get more and better. Violaine and Michel……..what can I say! love them both, they have such a massive enthusiastic approach to the film making process that makes the job a dream. I’m very happy I signed with SERIAL PICTURES.

The crew on the job were amazing, some like Ottar, Steve, Rob and Sue, go without saying how amazing they always are but I also had the chance to work with new people like Jason, 1st AD or Joey the production designer who were also exceptional professionals.


DigitasLBi is the agency responsible for the creative. Mike, Chris 1 and Chris 2 were brilliant. It really was a pleasure working with these guys, as a team getting the best result out of each scene. Morgan, Executive creative director, came for the shoot days and all the agency team  did a great job in making this shoot fun. I am really happy with the result and look forward to seeing the two spots on tv. Of course all of this wouldn’t have been possible without Bill and Ryan, the clients form Whirlpool. They both did a great job and I felt at ease suggesting alternative shots since they were open to trying out different options. All in all a fantastic job. Thanks to all involved.