Prague, its always been one of my favourite cities to film in. Crews are fantastic thanks to a long background of Feature films and commercials shot there, the beautiful Imperial architecture mixed with the brutalist style has always fascinated me. Its the combination of all these that make it a treat every time I get to go back.

This job was for a KB Bank. Clients were Hana Kovarová and Lukas Prokop. It was a pleasure working with them as they were very pro active to get the most out of the best! Agency was VCCP Prague, creatives Dejan Stajnberger, Ondrej Fiala, Marek Farkas and agency head of production was the lovely John Daczicky.

The prod co was Bistro Films, who were fantastic as always. EP, Pavel Prejda was on it 100% and it was line produced by Lucie Pelantová who made it all happen with her team, Martina Bailová, DOP was Joe Cook, I’ve been wanting to work with him for a while now and this was a great opportunity. I think he’s given the spot a very elegant touch in lighting, looks very nice. A big thanks to the rest of the team, all brilliant.

The story is about pushing oneself further, no matter how difficult it may seem. Each character has their particular hurdle, and of course thanks to the new APP from the bank, it makes one’s life a lot easier anywhere you are, anytime of the day. The spot is titled “The way forward”.

Shooting in Prague has one major inconvenience, the weather! Here are some pics of the city and the shoot. We had to simulate the mountain scene in Prague, so we snowed in a piece of a quarry with fake snow, it worked pretty well. The rest of the scenes were all natural in the city and surroundings. Again, thanks to everyone involved, it was a great experience.

Here’s the spot which aired a week ago, turned out nicely.