I’m very happy for the Anuario in the PREMIOS NACIONALES DE CREATIVIDAD C DE C 2022 in the categories of Idea and Art Direction, that “Rebelde se nace” has received.

As soon as I read the creative idea, I thought, I want to shoot it! It seemed like the right challenge, since it associates the rebellious spirit of the brand with one of the greatest protagonists of humanity, and at the same time, it’s absolutely faithful to the figure of Jesus Christ. Certainly a rebel who broke all the rules and questioned the beliefs of his time.

As we all know, during these two thousand years of Christianity, Jesus Christ has been represented in art in many ways, and many of them, very different from each other. Through all his iconography, you can get to know the Jesus of the Bible, but above all, you can get to know the spirit of the different times in which he was portrayed. This campaign offered just that; the opportunity to portray Jesus connected to our times. A challenge that I could not let go.

I’m also very glad to hear that the campaign was a success. It went viral and the feedback was very positive.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this project at Wunderman Thompson Spain, Antiestático, Zeitgeist and Scalpers!