JEEP robin.

I shot this one in June, actually the first job to be filmed in Madrid after the three month confinement. The local council was pretty clear, “you can shoot a car comercial but you can’t stop traffic, park anywhere or have any people in the street”.

Basically it was up to us to film with traffic lights and the existing traffic. Luckily there wasn’t much traffic to deal with, or pedestrians for that matter. The streets and the city were impeccably clean. the council had cleaned everything up during the confinement, and there was zero pollution. Very weird.

Anyway, thanks to INDIANA films from Milan for thinking of me and subsequently getting the job. We shot in Madrid of course, all 100% remote. No one from INDIANA could come, no agency or client either. Very bizarre!

The job was produced by Silvia Bergamaschi. We shot with live stream and they all saw in in realtime in the INDIANA office in Milan. A first and hopefully the last time this happens due to the pandemic that’s twisted out lives in a way that we never imagined would or could happen! The local service was provided by VIVI, ℅ Carlos Somms. The director of photography was Roman Martinez de Bujos, very talented and a treat to work with.

MPC London took care of the Robin, CGI, they did a fantastic job too.

No pics on this one since it was very depressing seeing everyone for the first time with the masks on, I wasn’t very inspired!